The doctor

Crimen Kulçara Halibaevna

Medical College complex is headed Crimen Kulçara Halibaevna. He is a doctor with 1977 of the year. Over many years of fruitful work was awarded the "Certificate of Merit" of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He combines his work with teaching activities, with scientific activities issledovatelstkoy, It is the developer of a model curriculum for the discipline "Anatomy, occupational safety and health Ballet», guides to receive the ballet school, It has a number publications In the magazine "The world of ballet» about the problems of occupational diseases and injuries at the Ballet.

AT 2015 she was awarded the Union of choreographers of Kazakhstan Certificate of Merit for creative and professional contribution to the national choreography.

AT 2016 she was awarded the Jubilee Medal 25 Years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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  1. The contract with the clinic.
  2. comprehensive plan.docx
  3. prevention chasotka.
  4. Prevention of plague.
  5. Prevention of tinea.
  6. cholera prevention.
  7. prevention peel.
  8. Prevention of SARS and influenza.
  9. Prevention of acute intestinal infections.
  10. Profilaktika pedikulez.
  11. Prevention vetryannoy smallpox.